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Infos about the artist

Daniel Bosch

Born in Stuttgart, Germany, Daniel Bosch already early began to be interested in art. After long years of experience in the areas graphics and design he began some years ago with it for the first time to display a small part of his artworks to go public.

Within only two years, he was represented on exhibitions and fairs in german and foreign countries at that time, his artworks adorned art-newspapers and catalogs, books and many prominent persons are in the property of originals of the artist meanwhile. Boschs artworks is in the areas stylistically mainly by realism, surrealism, contemporary art and modern art.

From the beginning, he committed himself to karitative purposes, put originals for auctions to the disposal and which humanitarian organi-zations came of benefit took part in projects. Finally in the year 2005 as part of a traveling-exhibition through many German cities the Nordhof-Project of the Children Helping Organisation “Carjo”.

Thematically, his works grasp on as well as mythological as also biblical topics in the contemporary garment – until to the

surrealism. But also topics of the current timelife, dream-conditions and feelings.

Daniel Bosch is a socially critical

and time-critical painter.

Above: Artwork "SALOME - Red Edit", 2002, from Bosch.

Above: Artwork "ERINNERUNG V3", 2015, from Bosch.

Bosch works with the most different technologies, among other things with coals, chalk, oil, acrylic and watercolor. Mostly however in uncommon mixed technologies, to which just as beverages as red wine, Baileys and wall-colors, just like other unusualness belongs.

Generally Bosch understands himself as a mirror of the society and takes up consequently also unpleasant topics. Negatives reactions of the public are consequently pre-programed. At least by those, which don't comprehend, that the shown expression puts their own dark sides provocative shown in an artwork.

See somefew originals of meanwhile over 400 painted works here.

Meanwhile, Bosch has also some photographic works for the projects "Dream-Zone" and "The last Way" published.You will get further information at the following contact-address:

Right picture: Daniel Bosch.

Daniel Bosch


Postfach 150518

70077 Stuttgart


Info (at)

How would Daniel Bosch describe his art?

"My art is a mix between MODEN ART and the old classic style. So I bring the past and the future together in many of my works."

INFO: Daniel Bosch is by the way a german best selling author who writes under pseudonymes such as

DAN DAVIS or DAVID SIMON - for more Informations go to his german Pages:

New ART of the 21st CENTURY! + New ART of the 21st CENTURY! + New ART of the 21st CENTURY! + New Art