Daniel Bosch   


D A N I E L  B O S C H

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New ART of the 21st CENTURY! + New ART of the 21st CENTURY! + New ART of the 21st CENTURY! + New Art




Paintings of the artist Daniel Bosch were printed in the last years in many different art-magazines. Here some few departures to the press about the artist in magazines with reports:

4-page article on the painter
Daniel Bosch in the "Magazine
2000plus", Issue 351, June /
July 2014, pp. 54 - 57, to his work
as a painter and his work as a
writer under Pseudonyms, such
as Dan Davis and David

Order Magazine:

Other examples are:

Drawing of Uri Geller for Daniel Bosch 

from the year 2005.





Geller asked Daniel Bosch in the year 2004 

for an artwork and possesses several works

from Bosch meanwhile.


Some articles:

Artist Daniel Bosch is in the

"List of personalities of the city of Stuttgart"

under "1968" in Wikipedia: