Daniel Bosch   


D A N I E L  B O S C H

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Paintings of the artist 

Daniel Bosch were printed

in the last years in many 

different art-magazines. 

Here some few departures 

to the press about the artist 

in magazines with reports:

Article to the arist 
Daniel Bosch under his 
Pseudonym Dan Davis:

4-page article on the painter 
Daniel Bosch in the "Magazine
2000plus", Issue 351, June /
July 2014, pp. 54 - 57, to his work
as a painter and his work as a
writer under Pseudonyms, such
as Dan Davis and David

Order Magazine:

Part of the 4 page Article:

Other examples are:


Drawing of Uri Geller for Daniel Bosch 

from the year 2005.





Geller asked Daniel Bosch in the year 2004 

for an artwork and possesses several works

from Bosch meanwhile.



Above: Ronny Moorings (Clan of Xymox).




Above: Working on an illustration for a book.

Some articles:

Artist Daniel Bosch is in the

"List of personalities of the city of Stuttgart"

under "1968" in Wikipedia: